The first collets whose functional surfaces are covered
with a specifically developed anti-corrosion coating.
See for yourself what an amazing difference
the coating makes in your daily routine.

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FAHRION products boast extremely high concentricity and repeat accuracy, ensuring smaller manufacturing tolerances and preserving tools..

- GER-HP (2µm) and GER-B (5µm) precision collets)

- CENTRO P precision collet chuck

- SYNCHRO T tapping chuck

The entire product range is now available in the online shop.

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We could tell you a great deal about our products. But a live demonstration under real production conditions says more than a thousand words.

You can see our products in action at the FAHRION Centre of Expertise.

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Whether it is as part of a product training course or an individual appointment, we will show you how precisely FAHRION tools work and answer all your questions.

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Longer service lives of machines and tools. Lower tool costs. Large savings on time and costs throughout the manufacturing process.

These are just a few of the advantages from which you can benefit by using high-quality FAHRION products.

Economy through precision

Learn more about our most innovative products and their unmistakable characteristics. Cost examples clearly show that quality does not necessarily have to be more expensive.

Let the facts convince you!