CENTRO P Precision Collet Chucks

The best the market has to offer

With CENTRO P we are offering a Precision Collet Chuck, which continues the tradition of our tried and tested Collets in terms of precision and quality
With CENTRO P we are revolutionising Collet Chuck and Collet clamping technology, putting it ahead of the competition in respect of precision, clamping force, flexibility and price-performance.

Don’t waste your money on laborious and costly hydraulic, expansion or shrink fit clamping techniques

Rely on FAHRION instead for your chucks as well –
the only way to bring the precision of the Collet to your cutting tool.


It’s your choice!

With more than 250 different shaft forms, lengths and diameters we offer a broad range of versions for every possible application.
And if we don’t yet have the right chuck for your needs, just contact us. Our philosophy is: ‘if it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit!’

CENTRO P is available in 2 versions:

GER precision collet chuck for collets complying with DIN ISO 15488-B (ER/ESX) -
very high concentricity of ≤ 3 µm with FAHRION GER-HP collets or ≤ 6 µm with FAHRION GER-B collets

GOZ precision collet chuck for collets complying with DIN ISO 10897 (OZ) -
extremely stable versions for roughing milling with clamping forces of over 600 Nm with CP432

* Tap Collets GER-GB cannot be inserted in GER precision collet chucks!

Learn more about the properties of the CENTRO P and the advantages it gives you.