An innovation which makes your work even better

Even though many users are not aware of it – rust on collets is a serious problem. It shortens life-time of your valuable tools and leads to significant loss of precision. Therefore, we have now developed FAHRION|Protect: a pioneering technology which protects collets from corrosion in the long term.

Corrosion protection of the functional surfaces in the µ-range

FAHRION|Protect goes beyond all standards that you know in corrosion protection of clamping tools. Many clamping tools are not protected at all. With others, the corrosion protection is limited to the visible areas only. Or with cutting tools with insert pockets, only an accuracy of about 0.01 mm is required.

FAHRION is the first manufacturer to offer a coating of the functional surfaces in the µ-range – over its complete and finely tuned product range. FAHRION|Protect conserves FAHRION collets effectively from external influences and preserves their functionality and precision for a longer time. That is how FAHRION shows once again in an impressive way how advanced technology can be brought to the market as an integrated customer solution.

The new technology is established in the FAHRION factory and integrated in the production process. This means: no matter in which field or which type of collets you use – you can benefit from the new technology in any case.